Brink in action!


Brink Exterior Cleaning is your local window and gutter cleaning service for Cortez, Dolores, Mancos, Durango, and surrounding areas. With three years of experience in both traditional and water-fed window cleaning, Brady has proudly served over 170 satisfied customers. After selling his thriving and growing window cleaning business and relocating his family to Southwest Colorado from the great state of Nebraska, Brink Exterior Cleaning was established!

Brink specializes in residential, commercial, and post-construction window cleaning. Call, text, or email for a quote! and Get ready to experience remarkably clean windows that will make you forget the glass was even there!


"My windows are too clean. It hurts my eyes. Now I have to buy blinds because the natural tint from all the dirt caked on my windows is completely gone. I'm in the ER right now with a broken nose because I ran into the window because it was so clean I didn't know it was there. My windows are so clean it's ruined my life."

- Jordan from Hastings, NE

"Oh my goodness. Brady came out today and cleaned the windows on my house and they have never looked better! So happy with the results. Thank you!!!!"

- Gina from Juniata, NE

"Brady does an excellent job, both at my house and my business. I would highly recommend!"

- Caroline from Hastings, NE

Bringing the splendor of the outside IN... Mancos, Colorado